Revolutionary Towing Solutions Return: McHitch Relaunches to Empower Australian Towing Enthusiasts

Revolutionary Towing Solutions Return: McHitch Relaunches to Empower Australian Towing Enthusiasts

Brisbane, October 20, 2023 

McHitch, a pioneer in advanced towing solutions, has excitedly announced its partnership with Aus-Hitch as the official licensed distributor in Australia, bringing a new wave of innovation and excellence to the Australian towing industry. Through Aus-Hitch, McHitch reaffirms its commitment to engineering breakthroughs, unparalleled quality, and customer satisfaction, aiming to empower towing enthusiasts, off-road adventurers, and professionals across the nation.

With over two decades of industry expertise, McHitch has consistently evolved, revolutionising towing technology to offer unmatched performance, reliability, and safety. Now, through its collaboration with Aus-Hitch, McHitch is prepared to redefine the towing experience for Australians, presenting its signature range of cutting-edge products that will elevate the towing industry to unprecedented levels.

This partnership represents a profound chapter in McHitch’s legacy. It underscores a commitment to innovation and catering to the ever-changing needs of the towing community. Behind the scenes, McHitch's advanced manufacturing facilities and an expert team are producing a broad spectrum of towing hitches, couplings, and accessories that are sturdy, precision-engineered, and constructed to handle Australian terrains.

The McHitch website,, will be managed by Aus-Hitch, acting as a central platform for information, support, and product access. Designed for user convenience, the website facilitates visitors in exploring McHitch's pioneering towing solutions, understanding detailed specifications, and making informed decisions about their towing necessities. It also encompasses comprehensive guides, installation instructions, and frequently asked questions, guaranteeing customers can fully utilise their McHitch products.

From robust off-road couplings designed to navigate tough landscapes to flexible tow hitches apt for caravans, trailers, and boats, McHitch promises a solution tailored for every towing need. Through its unceasing drive for excellence, and in tandem with Aus-Hitch, McHitch persists in pioneering, staying at the forefront of towing technology, giving towing enthusiasts the assurance to venture into new territories.

The Australian towing community, with bated breath, awaits this collaborative venture between McHitch and Aus-Hitch, anticipating unparalleled towing solutions backed by decades of combined experience and customer-centric focus.

About McHitch:

McHitch, in partnership with Aus-Hitch as its official licensed distributor in Australia, stands as a beacon of advanced towing solutions. Committed to engineering prowess, ingenuity, and customer contentment, McHitch, with over twenty years under its belt, has transformed the towing landscape. From rugged off-road couplings to adaptive tow hitches for caravans, trailers, and boats, McHitch, through Aus-Hitch, offers exhaustive solutions for diverse towing demands.

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