2 TONNE 2 & 3 bolt Box Trailer Automatic Coupler

2 TONNE 2 & 3 bolt Box Trailer Automatic Coupler

Even the humble box trailer, and every other trailer that runs a standard ball hitch can be upgraded to a McHitch Automatic! Whether it be mounted by 2 or 3 bolts, this versatile coupling accommodates both configurations!


Fully ADR 62/02 tested and compliant.

* A super low height of 125mm at its highest point. This is lowest coupling on the market.
*Capable of over 90 degrees of movement on every axis.


This coupling is standard replacement for your traditional Tregg polyblock style set up. If you want to use your existing welded on rear Tregg style housing, this model has the correct size shaft to fit your old existing rear housing.


This coupling is also a standard replacement for your traditional outdated tow ball set up, can be bolted in either the three or two bolt configuration with the studs and nuts supplied.

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    The whole kit includes: Coupler, receiver, 3 screw in studs to for easy replacement of either your 2 or 3 bolt ball coupling, stainless steel locking hitch pin, yellow magnetic sight marker and fitting instructions. We freight world wide.
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