800LB W.D.H. Qwik Lift by McHitch 362kg (Offset)

800LB W.D.H. Qwik Lift by McHitch 362kg (Offset)

We have now branched out to sell our own WDH set ups to compliment our range of McHitch Automatic Couplers. These are a perfect fitting Qwik Lift weight distributing hitch especially designed for McHitch. It has an offset head and has a special plate to simplify installation. Any home handyman can fit the complete combo.


Our chain hanger brackets are a simple flat design that are easily trimmed or notched with an angle grinder on the rear face to fit virtually any Aframe/cross member configuration.

Comes in two variants, the standard head suits our Drop On range and standard ball couplings.


*This offset head suits the Automatic Couplers by McHitch


You will also need the McHitch Roller Brackets, which are an extra item (pictured here)

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    This type only suits the McHitch Automatic couplers. Includes heavy duty 1&1/4" attaching shank.


    Due to product stock locations, some WDH items may come from different warehouses and may arrive at your destination at different times. Usually no more than a day difference.

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