Adaptor Coupling for Treg and Trigg

Adaptor Coupling for Treg and Trigg

Want to test the waters with a McHitch drop On coupling?
Are you sick and tired of trying to line up the poly block of your Treg/Trigg style coupling with the bracket, then when it is finally together... Trying in vain to get the pin through it?

McHitch has a solution!

With this neat little adaptor coupling, you chuck the bracket that is currently on your tow tongue, and replace it with our stainless steel tapered towpin, and bolt the coupling through the polyblock- where it will always stay.

This results in a coupling that is more secure, far easier to hook-up and all for a low price of $99.
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    The whole kit includes: Adaptor coupling, tapered tow-pin, hitch pin and fitting instructions. We freight world wide.
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