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Weight distributing kits

We have nmow branched out to sell our own WDH set ups to compliment our range of McHitch Automatic Couplers. These are a perfect fitting Qwik Lift weight distributing hitch especially designed for McHitch. It has an offset head and has a special plate to simplify installation. Any home handyman can fit the complete combo.

600 Lbs and 800 Lbs  models available

They are just $485 inc Gst for the 600 model and $505 inc Gst for the 800 model

Plus Freight $55 (NSW and VIC) (QLD $90)

Other states on request
Remember to only use WGH on the blacktop!



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Worlds fastest hitch!

Just a quick video for everyone out there to show how our McHitch Automatic is turning heads and breaking records.
Just check out the video below. The world's fastest hook up of a trailer.


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Full Speed Ahead


Thank you!

We have been blown away by the response to our revolutionary McHitch Automatic Couplers, and we want to thank everyone for supporting us and our quality products.
We have been working non stop over the past month to really keep up to demand, and we are proud to say that we have a good stock of all our models including our most popular 3.5 tonne Automatic Couplers as well as our big 6 tonne Automatic Couplers. Check out the pamphlets below for more details.



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McHitch Original Platinum Couplings


Just a reminder to everyone out there still deciding on a quality coupling, we are still offering our tough as nails traditional style 'Drop On' platinum range. These are the original Award Winning couplings that put McHitch on the map.

These incorporate the same noise and wear free features of our Auto Couplers at a more affordable price. Check out our range in our web shop..  
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Last Updated (Tuesday, 01 July 2014 16:33) - Uniglide Trailer Coupling - Awards

Hi Everyone! we have been so busy getting our new coupling ready for its planned release in April, we thought we should give you an update to what's been happening.

McHitch has scooped the pool after winning six new product awards at Sema 2013 held in Las Vegas USA!!!


Mchitch Uniglide Trailer Couplings launched it's new Automatic Trailer Coupler which will be available on the Australian market in April 2014.
Shortly afterwards it will be shipped to the USA, Canadian, South American and South African markets after overwhelming interest shown by many of the 125,000 trade representatives attending the world's largest automotive trade show.

About The SEMA Show:
The SEMA Show is a trade show produced by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), a nonprofit trade association founded in 1963. Since the first SEMA Show debuted in 1967, the annual event has served as the leading venue bringing together manufacturers and buyers within the automotive specialty equipment industry. Products featured at the SEMA Show include those that enhance the styling, functionality, comfort, convenience and safety of cars and trucks. Additional details are available at: or

The Awards we picked up include:

*Runner Up best engineered new product 2014
*Runner Up best new product for Van and SUV
*3 Global Media awards from China, Russia and Canada

And the much coveted "Popular Mechanics" Editor's Choice !

Read more: McHitch Uniglide Trailer Coupling - Popular Mechanics


We will be show casing our new Hitch soon at the Perth Caravan and Camping Show.. Stay tuned for more info!


The McHitch Team.


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