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AusTuff 4x4 Kinetic Recovery Kit – Kinetic Rope

AusTuff 4x4 Kinetic Recovery Kit – Kinetic Rope

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Is your friend bogged on the beach again? AusTuff to the rescue with the AusTuff Kinetic Recovery Kit to help you pull them out of the bog! This 5-piece premium kit, specially designed to pull out vehicles and caravans of all sorts will do any 4WD enthusiast wonders. Having a fully stocked recovery kit is an essential need for any 4WD enthusiast and paramount in critical situations.

We know what you’re thinking; “Why should I buy a Kinetic Rope kit over a standard one?”. As technology improves throughout the years, so has recovery gear. Kinetic ropes offer 29% stretch over the standard snatch straps at 20%. Having that higher stretch capabilities puts less pressure on the vehicle and recovery points, ensuring for a safer recovery.

Our Kinetic rope kits have inter-woven ends for increased strength, more abrasion resistance with dual layers, pack away easier and even float when in a river, making it easier to find. Packed with our soft shackles too, the shackles are the perfect alternative over metal ones as they are safer. The less metal, the safer you are.

We ensure that every kit is specifically created to meet the needs of 4WD users Australia wide, including the kinetic rope, trunk protector, soft shackles, canvas storage bag and a pair of protective gloves to keep your hands safe.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 11,000kg Kinetic Rope – 9 meters
  • 1 x 12,000kg Tree trunk protector
  • 2 x 14,000kg soft shackles
  • 1 x Pair of protective recovery gloves
  • 1 x Heavy duty canvas storage bag
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