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AusTuff Portable Hot Water System

AusTuff Portable Hot Water System

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Nothing like a hot shower when you’re on the go, the AusTuff Portable Hot Water System is your new tool to a very luxurious hot shower, no matter where in Australia you are. We have finally brought the comforts of your home to any camp site in the country with this instantaneous hot water system. Gone are the days of bad body odour at camp or jumping in your tent full of sand, rinse off in comfort!

Key Features:

  • Instant Hot Water: No more having to wait an hour for your hot water system to heat up. This hot water system is instantaneous!
  • Versatile Water Supply: Connect up to a water pump in your 4WD or Camper Trailer to have access to water for instant heating.
  • Safety Certified: The Austuff Portable Hot Water System meets rigorous safety standards, providing peace of mind during your camping trips.
  • Easy Ignition: The system automatically ignites when water starts flowing, ensuring hassle-free operation.
  • LCD Display: Monitor water temperature easily with the LCD screen, ranging from 0-50°C for precise control.
  • Shower Head Control: Minimize water wastage with the on/off switch on the shower head, giving you control over water flow.
  • Complete Installation Kit: Everything you need for installation is included, from the Australian Standards approved LPG hose and regulator to the shower hose with head and necessary adapters.

Why wait to get home when you can shower in comfort today with the AusTuff Portable Hot Water System.


Rated Power:  12kw
Exhaust Type: flue type
Efficiency:  84%
Gas Type: LPG
Ignition Type: Automatic pulse ignition
Water flow rate (GPM): 1.6
Water Pressure Range: 2.9~116
Power Supply: DC3V
Gas Inlet: 1/2″
Water Inlet: 1/2″
Water Outlet: 1/2″
Product Dimensions: 43.94 x 29.97 x 12.95 cm
Package Dimensions: 56.38 x 36.06 x 18.03 cm
Shipping weight: 2.94 kg

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