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AusTuff Recovery Tracks

AusTuff Recovery Tracks

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in that situation before where you get stuck and need a set of Recovery Tracks to get out. Luckily, AusTuff are here to save the day! These AusTuff Recovery Tracks are a must have for all 4WD and offroad camper enthusiasts in need of that little extra traction to get out of the hole you’ve dug yourself into. The AusTuff Recovery Tracks have perfectly shaped lugs on the board to ensure they get within the tread of your tyres for an effortless 1-person recovery. As a bonus, the AusTuff Recovery Tracks also have non-slip lugs underneath to reduce the chances of the tracks slipping on the ground, along with the ability to use these as a shovel to dig out mud or sand for an easier recovery.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for sand, mud and snow recoveries.
  • Large textured lugs on the underside ensures slip-free recovery, providing traction in tough conditions.
  • UV resistant material for durability and long-lasting performance in outdoor environments
  • Built-in shovel for clearing debris and creating a path for seamless recovery.
  • Convenient built-in carry handles for easy transport and storage
  • Mounting holes to mount the Recovery Tracks to your roof racks.

The AusTuff Recovery Tracks ensures you are equipped to navigate any off road track by yourself or with mates confidently. Tackle the Aussie outdoors today stress free!


Size: 1055mm x 300mm x 60mm
Material: UV-stabilised reinforced Nylon
Product Weight: 4.7kg per pair
Contents: 2 Individual Recovery Tracks

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